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Tennessee gets pretty hot in the summer months, but for those of us lucky to have our own personal pools at home, those summer heat waves make for good swimming. Of course, anyone who has ever owned his own pool knows that the maintenance and cleaning duties can take quite a bit of the fun […]

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Ah, Friday, July 5th … some of us are trying to stay awake at our desks, recuperating from yesterday’s celebrations, others are just taking a breather before continuing their festivities tonight. (Gotta love a holiday that falls close to the weekend!) For those that drink alcohol as part of those festivities, please drink responsibly; no […]

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People ask me all the time how I can stand to represent people accused of doing awful things. Early in my career I would give the standard, “Everyone is entitled to an effective defense under our Constitution” response. Then one day, I represented a client that I truly believed was innocent of any wrongdoing. The government was trying […]

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Mental health issues are everywhere.  Yet, nobody wants to talk about them. Many people even refuse to recognize mental illness and insist that it is “just an excuse.” However, the legal system recognizes that mental health issues are negatively impacting children who are raised by parents that refuse to seek proper treatment. A common scenario I see is where a parent becomes out […]

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