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Across our county, a huge cross-section of our children are in crisis. They have to wake themselves up for school and get on the bus without their parents’ help.  Sometimes they either eat at school or they don’t get to eat at all.  They watch themselves and their younger siblings while their parents sleep or disappear.  These children are exposed to people and bad situations that place them in […]

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It’s the time of year to begin thinking about what resolutions to make for the new year.  Many will resolve to workout more or quit a bad habit.  Two months later, the gym membership is canceled.  If you are tired of making the same old resolutions and need something new to chew on this year, […]

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There are some professionals no one ever wants to need. Morticians and lawyers top the list of those to avoid.  But I think lawyers get a bad rap here. Many lawyers are hard working professionals who want to help prevent problems before they start and clean up the mess when prevention is no longer possible. The law touches us all, which means that […]

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The week of Bonnaroo is a busy time for law enforcement agencies in and around Manchester, Tennessee. Many law enforcement officials around the state target Bonnaroo week as a time to stop festival-goers and search their cars for drugs and other illegal items such as weapons. Remember some of the following helpful tips to prevent […]

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